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Be Safe - Be Anonymous

Did you know that each time you visit a website, trackers can determine your IP address and DNS data? StealthGo VPN service is the only way to ensure that when you are browsing, streaming or downloading, no one has access to any information about your IP address, DNS or location.

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Do you like to travel for work or for pleasure? The StealthGo VPN service is there for you anywhere you go. With worldwide servers that provide high-speed connections from around the globe, you can be protected, stream content seamlessly and have access to your favorite content.

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We’ve put together servers in 16+ countries throughout the world, allowing anyone to access our VPN servers. Unless you are on Antarctica, our revolutionary VPN client allows you to access content in any region. You can also feel confident that your browsing is private, secure, and under wraps so that you can keep your info safe.

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All the security in one privacy plan:

Get Twice The Coverage

We are here for you with twice the protection of other services, thanks to dual layer encryption.

The Best Servers Around The World

With a 1 GBps network, we have the backbone to provide you with a consistently rapid VPN experience.

Setup is a Breeze!

It is so simple to download and install our custom client on your devices.

No Data Recording

We are not in the business of recording your online activity. We have a strict policy that ensures we keep zero logs of your browsing data.

Safety During Disconnects

We have a feature in our clients that allows you to automatically disconnect internet to a device if the VPN protection shorts out.

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